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14 thoughts on “Connect with Melissa

  1. Hi there, I don’t know if you will ever get this message or read it, but I am currently reading Fever(A Songbird Novel) an am on page Chapter 33 into the book and I’ve connected to you character with the lack of self confidence problem, but what I wanted to share with you was that I listened to a song, other than the ones you had mentioned in the book, called ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack, and thought of you, or well, your character, and thought it fit perfectly with Ella, and perhaps yourself. I love to write and read and it’s my dream to be a published popular author that can relate to teens and troubles, as I’m only 14 y/o and have experienced a not so happy childhood and struggle with Life and I’m probably babbling on and making smattering mistakes writing this to you, but I just really wanted to know if you could just listen to that song if you haven’t found out about it already. You gave me inspiration to dream, and not live all of my life trying to make others happy and do things to benefit them but just ruin things for me. Sort of like David and Ella’s relationship in the beginning.
    Thanks for making your character human and my friend.

    Your lovely and hopeless reader,
    Brittany Marie Lojewski

    1. Hi Brittany,

      Thanks for telling me about that song. I do know it and I LOVE it.
      I actually use it in the soundtrack for Home (A Songbird Novel).
      I’m so pleased you can relate to Ella. I was very like her when I was younger and it was so awesome to write her story.
      Thanks for reading Fever 🙂


  2. Hi ! So glad to sign up for your review team! Also signed up for newsletter and the starter library, which hasn’t arrived yet but that’s ok. Just ‘discovered ‘ you and like what I’ve read and seen! Oh, Thank You for the generous giveaway, what fun!

  3. I got a QR Code from you for “I Know Lucy” but don’t have a phone to use the code. Is there another way I can get these books? Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for your offer but I was unable to open it. Which is a shame as you are one of my favorate authors. I got 2 of the books you offered me from Barns & Noble as I have a nook rather than a kindle, and they are wonderful. As a bed bound parapelegic reading is one of my few pleasures,and you help me pass the hours. Thank you for being so kind, and I look forward to hearing from you agin, please use my gmail address as several attempts to contact you with my yahoo accout have failed to be posted. Sencerly yours Kefira.

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