8 thoughts on “The Songbird Novels – A Collection of Stand-Alone Contemporary Romance Novels

  1. I really enjoyed Fever! Came to the page to get the free download of Home like the comments in Fever stated. No go! It’s not free. DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    1. Hi Carmen 🙂
      Rough Water is due for release in May.
      And the first Choas novella – Angel Eyes (Ralphie’s story) is due for release at the end of March. This novella is for my newsletter subscribers only, so if you’re interested in that story, you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/1cqdj

  2. Hey, I’ve read all the other novels that are out, and I need to read Angel Eyes. How do I go about finding/downloading/purchasing the novella?

  3. I really wanted a copy of Angel Eyes so I subscribed but I only got a copy of Home 🙁 I really want to read Angels Eyes

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