The Space Between Heartbeats Series (in Kindle Unlimited)

“Gripping and evocative. A dark tale that strikes close to your heart, rekindling hope and faith.”

T. G. Ayer – Author of The Valkyrie Novels

Nicole Tepper has it all—beauty, popularity, and the perfect boyfriend. But after a party she can’t remember, she wakes up in a ghostly state, trapped between life and death. Nicole’s injured body is lying in a wooded area, but she has no idea where—or how long she has left to live.

Only one person can hear her now: Dale Finnegan, a loner classmate that Nicole has relentlessly bullied. Dale’s the last person in school who would want to help her, but he sets their tangled history aside to try to save her life. As they dig into what happened at the party, they discover her boyfriend isn’t as perfect as he seems—and neither are her friends. With the clock ticking down and her life slipping away, Nicole must face a hard truth: Was what happened to her a terrible accident? Or does someone want her dead?

This is a new edition of the previously self-published novel Betwixt.

"Sometimes to find your have to get completely lost."

Dale Finnigan is a teenage rebel; he lives for parties, girls and joy riding in stolen cars. In spite of his uptight parents' constant warnings and lectures, he continues to run wild. His crazy lifestyle is the only way he can live and feel free…until his reckless behavior takes him down a path where there is no going back.

In this prequel to THE SPACE BETWEEN HEARTBEATS, find out who Dale Finnigan was before he became known as “scar-face”—the unassuming hero everyone underestimates.

"There's more than one way to say, I love you."

Have you ever been so in love with someone, but not had the courage to tell them?

Nicole Tepper is that girl. She loves her boyfriend Dale, but fearing rejection, keeps her feelings buried deep. She can’t even let on how heartbroken she is when Dale begins applying for colleges thousands of miles away from her; never even whispering a word about how much she wishes he would stay close.

But, when Dale is rejected from Colombia University in NYC, due to a police record that follows him wherever he goes, Nicole soon discovers that love can drive her to do things she never thought possible.

There's more than one way to say, I love you and Nicole is about to prove to Dale that she loves him beyond all common sense.

4 thoughts on “The Space Between Heartbeats Series (in Kindle Unlimited)

  1. This series looks amazing and the covers are so beautiful I was hoping to read them but when I checked kobo I couldn’t see them 🙁

    1. Hi Rebecca 🙂

      Thanks so much for your interest in this series. It’s only available on Amazon at the moment, because it’s part of the Kindle Unlimited program. I hope you get a chance to read it 🙂


  2. Did you take Dale and Nicole out of True Colors? I began to reread it, and was wierded out because I didnt find them anywhere.

    1. Hi Mary 🙂

      Yes – due to contract obligations with Alloy Entertainment, I had to remove Dale & Nicole from the Masks Series.
      It was sad, but had to be done.
      Thanks so much for reading my work 🙂

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