Music is such a good storyteller.

Music evokes emotion and makes you feel things in a powerful way, like nothing else can. Each Lyrics of Love Novel is infused with music, enriching these love stories, which tackle tough, life-changing issues. If you like realistic, relatable characters in stories where love ultimately wins, then you’ll enjoy these standalone contemporary romance novels.

Please note: These stories have been rebranded and written into sweet romance novels by Melissa's pen-name, Melody Sweet.

Fever | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Singing in the shower takes on a whole new meaning when two strangers experience love at first song and are forced to take a good hard look at their own lives and decide what they really want.

Bulletproof | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Morgan and Sean's passion for dance and music will bring them together,
but will their relationship be able to withstand the forces determined to pull them apart?

Everything  | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

As two burned hearts wrestle to overcome their past struggles, Leo and
Jody must decide which dreams are worth clinging to...because,
sometimes, everything you want is not everything you need.

Home | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Lured by dreams of fame, Rachel says goodbye to her small town
boyfriend, Josh, and heads to the big city. It doesn’t take her long to
figure out that no amount of ambition can replace the comfort of home.
But will she be too late to win back the man she walked away from?

True Love | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

When best friends sleep together their relationship is ripped apart,
threatening the future of their band. Then tragedy strikes and they must
both face up to their choices and figure out if what they have is worth
fighting for.

Troublemaker | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

The prom queen reluctantly takes a job working for the geeky guy who crushed on her in high school, but five years has changed him and she soon finds herself battling an overwhelming attraction and falling for the one man she swore she’d never date.

Home | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Ralphie was in love with his best friend’s girl…until a country angel walked into his life. Can two hearts from opposite sides of the country beat as one?

Veronica arrives in LA with an unwanted message that will rock her sister’s world and split Chaos apart. Sides will form and for the first time, Ralphie will find himself opposing Nessa and standing up for a girl who might have the power to win his heart.

True Love | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

A few weeks into their marriage an unforeseen tragedy strikes Justin and Sarah, bringing their lives to a screeching halt. Justin is wracked with guilt while Sarah tries to deal with her own sadness. As the couple drift apart they end up in a place neither are sure they can recover from.

Can they find their way back to the place they were before? Or is wedded bliss just a fairy tale?

Troublemaker | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Jane is on a mission of self-discovery. 

Having lost the love of her life on their wedding day, she’s been a shell of the woman she once was. A year after the fatal accident, she returns to the place it all ended, in the hopes of figuring out how to negotiate life on her own. 

What she doesn’t expect is to meet a hunky Brit who presents her with a surprising proposition.

Rough Water | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

When 22 year old, Cassie, is asked to take in a nephew she didn't even know about, her life is turned upside down. But she can't refuse the 12-year-old orphan and so begins a journey of learning to love again after years of running scared. With the help of her nephew's counselor, Troy, can Cassie face up to her traumatic past and finally heal the gaping hole in her heart?

Geronimo | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Fliss and Flick are feisty, strong and determined not to succumb to the power of love.
Too bad neither of them know that sometimes love can take down even the most resistant souls. As they go into battle, they unwittingly start to break down each other’s barriers, stirring a whole new pot of complications neither is ready for.

Hole Hearted | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Soul mates destined to love each other were ripped apart by outside forces. Four years later, life brings them back together…but do they have the power to fight the odds that tore them apart in the first place?
If you like friends-to-lovers romance, road trips and stories of self-discovery then you'll want to read this simmering contemporary romance.

Rather Be | Songbird Contemporary Romance | Melissa Peal | Author

Jace is world famous, and Jenna is trying to hide from her past. But when they meet, their connection is instant. 

Jenna knows she’s playing with fire by dating a guy who’s recognized wherever he goes.
For Jace, Jenna is a risk worth taking. But Jenna knows that some risks are too big...especially when her life is on the line. 

“Melissa Pearl knows how to encase you in emotions, both good and sad, but leave you fully sated by the end,
feeling like these characters are truly part of your life.”

“Melissa Pearl's writing will leave you enraptured. She has an instinctive ability to create complex characters who come alive on the page, and to weave magical and emotional tales about their lives. Her stories leave her readers not only feeling that these characters are new friends, but that Melissa is a new friend too.”

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