Young love is a powerful thing...

What is it about young adult romance that is so appealing? Is it the fresh innocence of it? 

The emotions are so big and the characters are not only figuring out how they feel about this person, but they’re figuring out who they are as a person as well.

These contemporary romance novels are filled with young love, adventure and journey's of self-discovery.

The Space Between Heartbeats

Lost and dying in the forest, Nicole’s last hope is a classmate she used to bully. When her spirit leaves her body, searching for help, Dale’s the only person who can hear her. But can he find her before it’s too late? 

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

“Gripping and evocative. A dark tale that strikes close to your heart, rekindling hope and faith.” T. G. Ayer – Author of The Valkyrie Novels

“Melissa Pearl knows how to encase you in emotions, both good and sad, but leave you fully sated by the end,
feeling like these characters are truly part of your life.”

“Melissa Pearl's writing will leave you enraptured. She has an instinctive ability to create complex characters who come alive on the page, and to weave magical and emotional tales about their lives. Her stories leave her readers not only feeling that these characters are new friends, but that Melissa is a new friend too.”

Mica & Lexy Series

Two best friends who can’t help but get themselves in trouble. Set in New Zealand and co-written with Melissa Pearl’s best friend, Brenda Howson, these books are a bit of light-hearted fun.

The Mica & Lexy series is also available on iBooks, Kobo & Nook:

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