Jordan Ford is a pen name of Melissa Pearl, publishing specifically clean teen sports romance novels.

Each series is set in a fictional small town and focusses on a different sport. Filled with high school angst, mystery, danger and young love, these books offer a fun escape.

What's new for Jordan Ford?

The Ryder Bay series!

If you like surfing, beach culture, hot guys, and youthful passions, then you're gonna love this new series!

For your FREE perfect prelude to this series, you can download Harley's "Dear Diary..." today.

And if you'd like to read the latest Ryder Bay novel, you can check out Wipeout.

The Big Play Novels

When the quirkiest girl at Nelson High tries to win over the hottest guy on the football team, it disrupts the entire social order of the school. This series follows four of the Nelson High Raiders and the unlikely girls who win their hearts.

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

If you’d like a free look into the world of Nelson High, you can download the Nelson High Playbook here.

“She's a good writer that really cares about the characters. That shows in the writing and really makes them come to life.”

The Brotherhood Trilogy

When a new senior turns up at Eton Preparatory School for Boys, Trey is thrown by the pull he feels toward him...until he finds out "Chris" is actually a girl hiding in witness protection. Soon the only thing that matters is keeping her secret safe. This series follows the Eton Prep roommates and the girls they must protect.

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited and is also available on audiobook through iTunes and Audible.

Never look back

Never Look Back is a free short story about the night that changed Christana’s life forever.
You can download your copy here

The Barlow Sisters Trilogy

When three sisters join the Armitage High all boys baseball team, sparks fly. If you like high-spirited sweet romance, relatable characters, and a dash of mystery, then you’ll love this series.

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

The Ryder Bay Series

Set in the fictional beach town of Ryder Bay, this series will follow teens from the north and south end of the beach. Can these two sides overcome their differences? Is love strong enough to cross the great divide that seems to exist?

If you like beach culture, hot guys, and youthful passions, then you'll love Jordan Ford’s fun-drenched novels.

“I like that the mystery runs through the whole series but each book is based on a different couple. And the dual point of view is awesome.”

Paper Cranes

Tristan wants to cut himself off from the world so he doesn’t have to face his parents’ bitter divorce. But then he meets Helena. She could be the one to pull him out of his shell…until he realizes she’s trapped in a shell of her own.

A tale of unconditional love, hardships and the power of love.

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

“Jordan Ford brings the fun and suspense into sports romance."

“They always have a message in them. They definitely have a different vibe than most books. Jordan does a good job making the boys seem like they were written from an actual boy's POV.”

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