A romance author who writes in a variety of genres that can make you laugh, cry and swoon. 

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Jane is on a mission of self-discovery. Having lost the love of her life in a horrific motorcycle accident on their wedding day, she’s been a shell of the woman she once was. Learning to live without Blake is going to take more than just waking up each morning. So, she leaves for England to return to the place it all ended, in the hopes of figuring out how to negotiate life on her own. What she doesn’t expect, is to meet Harry Tindal, and for the hunky Brit to present her with a surprising proposition.

Harry never intended to approach the red-haired beauty when she stepped into the pub, but the music drew his feet her way and before he knew it, he’d struck up a conversation with the fascinating woman, only to discover they were on similar missions. Trying to escape his painful past, Harry decides to step out of his comfort zone and invite Jane to join him for a fortnight of no regrets.

“No sex. No histories. No awkward conversations. Just two people living life to the max for two weeks. Then we say adios, thanks for a good time, and go our separate ways.”

Jane can’t resist, and the couple embark on a journey of faith, that soon turns into something neither of them expected. As hearts unfurl, truths rise to the surface and the couple must decide if they’re able to risk love once more and hand their hearts to someone new.


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  1. Hi Melissa,

    I was wondering where I can find, The Betwixt Series: Betwixt, Before, Beyond in paperback form? I loved the first book and I would love the chance to own this collection.

    Your fan

    1. Hi Tina 🙂

      I wish I could tell you, YES! I have these books in paperback! But unfortunately these stories are in digital form only for now. If that ever changes, I’ll definitely let you know. Because Alloy Entertainment Betwixt, it became The Space Between Heartbeats and it was a digital deal only.

      Thanks so much for asking 🙂


  2. Hi Melissa
    I’m hoping to sign my MS with Evatopia and just wanted your honest opinion. Did you find them to be helpful with your books and what were your sales like. I’m hoping you don’t mind. Thank you Barbara

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