Kick-ass heroines and love that will make your heart race…

There’s something special about a magical adventure. There's so much scope for the imagination. Filled with intrigue, lovable characters and heart-touching romance, Melissa Pearl’s fantasy novels are fun-filled adventures that will have you traveling through time, crossing swords with evil forces and journeying to a place you've never been before.

The Time Spirit Trilogy

Discover the magic of time travel and jump into a world of forbidden love and a hidden mystery that spans the ages.

​The Time Spirit Trilogy Omnibus
(includes bonus material):​

The Time Spirit Trilogy Omnibus includes Golden Blood, Black Blood, Pure Blood and an exclusive short story, only found in this book!

"This series introduced me to Pearl's work. I stayed up all night to finish the trilogy—loved every book! Fresh premise, great characters and tons of edge-of- your-seat suspense. Highly recommended." ~ Patti Larsen (Author of the Hayley Coven Novels)


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