I am in love with love.

 There‚Äôs nothing better than telling a story heavy in romance, and creating a world you can step right into with characters that feel real. I want my readers to experience all the emotions my characters are going through and to get so lost in my books that they come out the other side refreshed, excited and inspired. If you like escaping into books that take you on a journey, fuel your imagination and leave you with that happy ending we all love so much, then my stories are right for you.

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Melissa Pearl

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Kick-ass heroines and love that will make your heart race…
First love, friendships and family relationships are all intensified by magical mysteries that need to be solved and exposed.

Young love
at its best…
Love is put to the ultimate test as couples are thrown into adversity and must overcome their own demons in order to survive.


Nail biting reads that will have you flipping pages late into the night, as couples must fight for more than just their love… but also their lives.

Forever Love Publishing

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stories about love...
Forever Love Publishing produces books that celebrate love through advertsity, character growth and sweet romance.


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