Books you can't put down...

Like Melissa, Anna Cruise is a sucker for romance, nice guys finishing first and happy endings. 

Anna has been a favorite author of Melissa's for a long time. Melissa has read all the books listed below and highly recommends every single one of them.

Abby & West Series (Contemporary Romance)

Abby and West are a couple destined to be together. But life keeps throwing them curveballs that threaten to tear them apart.

Abby's competitive twin sister, Annika, is used to getting everything she wants...until she meets Stuart, a man not afraid to stand up to her petulant whims. For the first time Annika has met her match, and she's falling in love...which is exactly what she needs.

Stand Alone Romantic Suspense Novels...

Nash Williamson doesn’t like complications. But an unexpected romantic interlude with a beautiful redhead leads him into a web of drug dealers, police, and an encrypted flash drive filled with dangerous secrets. 

These new complications just might get him killed… 

Coming home is never easy…especially when it’s the last place you want to be. Cade, a stranger in town, is the only bright spot in Jacie’s life, but their budding relationship will be put to the test when Jacie discovers the real reason why she had to come back…and just what she needs to do to break free.

Kellen's rise to surfing fame was swift…until tragedy brought his world crashing down. Wracked with grief, he lashes out, destroying everything he’s worked for…until Gina shows up. Sparks fly between the two, but when Gina's past catches up with her, Kellen realizes he could lose both his career…and his heart.

Tragedy ripped Lily's life apart and she’s desperate for a fresh start. But when a new tragedy casts suspicion on her role in the accident from her childhood, Lily turns to Ty for help. He was there, too…and he might be the one who can help her discover what really happened down by the water. 

These books are also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Stand Alone Teen Romance...

Meg Calloway is about to fall…too fast, too far, too deep. Reeling from her parents’ divorce, she turns to the wrong person, and suddenly her life is filled with one bad decision after another. But she has one person in her corner, one boy who tries to lead her away from the edge…one person who can save her if she falls. 

Valerie’s life is turned upside down when she finds a mysterious stone…and when two beautiful boys suddenly show up, showering her with attention. One covets her, and one wants to protect her. As she discovers the magic and power encapsulated in the stone, she realizes she must make a choice…and that choice may ultimately break her heart.

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