The combination of danger and romance is an enticing one.

It’s Melissa Pearl’s favorite combination. If you like to get lost in fast-paced stories that have you turning pages late into the night then start right here. Melissa’s romantic suspense novels are filled with rich characters, high emotion and twists that will keep you surprised until the end.

The Aspen Falls Novels

Spine-tingling romance, gripping tension and small town characters you can fall in love with.

Dead of Winter

When Officer Blaine Hartford pulls over a distraught woman, he’s surprised to find his high school crush in the car. Old feelings are reignited as he tries to help her, but will she have the courage to tell him the truth…or are her secrets too dangerous to share?

Dead Set

Alaina is convinced her brother did not commit suicide, but no one will believe her. So, she hires a private investigator and the two soon find themselves caught in a dangerous game as the people desperate to keep the truth hidden will do anything to stop them.

Dark Horse

No longer able to cope with Nate's obsession with work, Sally walks away. Devastated by the breakup, Nate throws himself into a new case...but when unforeseen circumstances endanger Sally's life, he must turn his back on everything but saving her. 

The first three Aspen Falls Novels are available on AUDIBLE

Dire Straits

Desperate to prove herself, Jessica will put everything on the line to help Jarrett find the truth. As the mystery unravels before them, they will soon realize that the fight is not just for themselves, but also for each other.

Desperate Measures

When a man she once loved breaks into her house, injured and in need of help, Detective Camila Perez isn't sure whether to boot him out the door or take him in. Will his secrets put them both in danger?

Daylight Robbery

A teenage thief is brought to his station, and Kellan is forced to face the demons from his past. When the girl manages to escape, Kellan is once again searching for a missing child. Will he find this one before it's too late?

The Fugitive Series

After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, Lucy has spent five years on the run and hiding from a law that can’t be trusted…until she meets Zach Schultz, the one guy she can’t bear to leave. With Zach’s help, will she have the courage to face her parents’ killer and finally find justice?

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