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Forever Love Publishing brings together the teen angst, love and suspense of our best-selling Jordan Ford books, the adventurous romance of Melissa Pearl and the contemporary romance of Melody Sweet.

Jordan Ford is a teen and young-adult romance author. She loves to write sweet romance novels filled with angst, mystery, danger and first love. If you're looking for heartfelt romance, loyal friendships, thrilling drama and characters you can fall in love with, then you're in the right place. 

“Jordan Ford knows how to bring the feels to life. As well as hooking you on story from beginning to end.” Louisa Dent, Australia

“Jordan Ford’s books are gripping. The stories pull you in so strongly you live in the characters world, getting attached to them. It feels like you are truly invested in their lives. The books are always hard to put down and you finish with a smile on your face.” Rachael, Utah, USA

Melody Sweet writes coming of age romance at its best… Love is put to the ultimate test as couples at different points in their relationships are met with adversity and must find themselves in order to stay together.

"Melody Sweet's writing is fantastic! The character and relationship development is phenomenal!! Always a treat when she has a new release!!" - Jillian, Michigan, USA

"Melody Sweet’s books are deep, with wonderful characters facing difficult situations. There are always great messages about personal worth and growth. The romance in her books is sweet and realistic and there is always a happy ending." - Rachael, USA

Melissa Pearl is a romance author writing in a variety of genres from teen paranormal romance to small-town romantic suspense. She’s passionate about telling adventure-filled love stories with relatable characters who will take you on a journey. 

"I love reading Melissa's books. She knows how to make a good story great. She keeps us on our toes, and makes sure that just when we think we know what is going to happen, she throws a wrench into the plans." Kelly, Montana, USA


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