Take a Walk in Ryder Bay

I can picture Ryder Bay very clearly in my head. Sometimes the images I have do not exist in any photo I can find. Below are some pictures that are similar to what I see in my mind's eye. 

I hope you enjoy having a little wander through Ryder Bay. 

Ryder Bay's North End

I couldn't quite find the photos I was looking for, but Ryder Bay's north end and the suburb of Clifton Terrace is up on the cliffs. It overlooks the ocean and has lots of wealthy homes that look similar. I can picture square style houses with big windows that look out over an ocean view. Very modern. Very sleek.

And down at the very north end of the beach, at the base of the cliffs are a bunch of rocks and boulders where the Walton teens have their beach parties. 

Ryder Bay Beach

Here are some inspiration pics for the beach. Again, they're not exact, but they're pretty close. I love the picture of the pier that I found, and those stairs leading down to the sand. 

Oh, and that couple in the chair, I imagine them to be Harley & Aidan. 

Ryder Bay's South End

I struggled to find pictures of how I imagine Ryder Bay's south end, so here are just a few that were close...

Harley lives in a very eclectic neighborhood—colorful houses, some of them shabby, some neat. There's a very hippy, surfer kind of vibe, which I love. 


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